Based on Google UI by rabrot:

Nexus 5, 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution, ROM: SlimKat 4.4.3, Screen LCD Density (build.prop or in the stock SlimKat): 370, Navigation bar (soft buttons) height 36 dp (A setting in the ROM).


Launcher:Nova Launcher Pro(I don't know if Pro is needed but just pay for it anyway it's the best)

Widgets Needed:Lumos Icons used hereZooper Widget ProWidgetLocker(I think Pro is needed but not sure. Probably still worth it.)Power Toggles

Place the folders on /sdcard/ root.Load the backup file in Nova.Widget Locker one there too.Set the wallpaper of the screen using Novas wallpaper thing on Full vertical (it should be the entire image), apply that shit.If some things don't apply try starting with a 12×12 grid, no borders or dock, widget resize/overlap, no animations/fast as possible, no notification bar, set to transparent. Hide clock only on default screen.

Should see all the Zooper widget shadows on the screens now, click each one and then go to "Open from sd card" or whatever and then load the one with the name that sounds the most likely to be that widget. It's named pretty simply. Left (1) page is the 'Google' page, middle (2) is "Home", and 3 "Apps"

If you need to move things around which you probably will, Nova launcher now has half-icon size positioning so things can be done precisely so keep that in mind when setting it up and just refer to the screenshots, once you get the basic thing set up you'll end up customizing it to your liking anyway.

The Power Toggles can probably just be made and then have the backup loaded and resize it yourself if it's not already fine.Not finished and I'm constantly making changes but some people seemed to like it so this is what I've done so far. I don't really like the toggle area and I have plans to change the lockscreen drastically to match.